With your choice of finish carefully and skillfully wrapped around this solid baffle to hide all seams, this baffle offers a seamless design to reduce reverb and echoes in large open areas. The Sonic Single Core Hanging Baffles improve speech intelligibility creating an intimate acoustical ambiance in mid-sized rooms and clearer voice transmission in larger rooms. Vertically hanging acoustical baffles are made to complement the décor of any room both visually and acoustically.

Core consists of a 6-7 lb. density rigid fiberglass board secured to a hardwood mounting ridge. Fiberglass and wood are covered with a thin scrim for consistency. Resin hardened edges reinforce panel perimeter against warping and damage. Your chosen finish selection is bonded directly to the baffle face with all edges wrapped carefully to avoid all seams.

A large variety of stylish finishes including fabrics and vinyls are available. See the “Finishes” page on for a direct link to our recommended suppliers catalogs which include detailed images of an array of designs. Custom fabrics, paints, and printed fabrics are also options. All finishes shall be reviewed for panel stability.

Size: Custom shapes, sizes, and designs. Thickness 1″ 1 1/2″ 2″

Sabins: 12.0 based on a 24 ” x 48″ baffle

Fire Test: All components are ASTM E84—Class I/A

2″ SIngle Core Baffle:

Per independent ASTM D 1037-12 testing, Lamvin’s 2” Single Core Baffles withstand an average peak load of 335 lbs. per installation hardware attachment.

A 2” Single Core Baffle weighs 1.69 lbs per square foot, or 54 lbs for a 4’ x 8’ baffle. This translates to a safety ratio 6.2:1 per installation point, and an overall rating of 18.6:1.


Hardened edges to reinforce panel perimeter against warping and damage (No aluminum edge available).


Non-corrosive eye hook dowel bolts are secured into the baffles hardwood mounting ridge to provide easy attachment to a cable or chain.


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