Sonic Dual Core Hanging Acoustical Baffle

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Baffles are designed to hang vertically to reduce reverb and echoes in large open areas. Sonic Dual Core Hanging Baffles improve speech intelligibility, creating an intimate acoustical ambience in mid-sized rooms and clearer voice transmission in larger rooms. Hanging acoustical baffles are made to complement the décor of any room both visually and acoustically with any finish or shape.



  • Custom shapes, sizes and designs
  • Max Size 4′ x 10′
  • Thickness 1" | 1 1/2" | 2"


  • 6-7 lb. density rigid fiberglass board
  • Non-corrosive eyelet mounting brackets
  • Resin hardened edges


  • All finishes are reviewed for panel stability
  • Your finish selection bonded directly panel face with all edges wrapped
  • Straight, flat, wrinkle-free surface
  • Tailored corners

Fire Rating

  • All components are ASTM E84—Class I/A


Acoustical Data

Sabins:   12.0 based on a 24 ” x 48″ baffle

Fire Test: All components are ASTM E84—Class I/A

2” Dual Core Baffle:

Per independent ASTM D 1037-12 testing, Lamvin’s 2” Dual Core Baffles withstand an average peak load of 131 lbs per installation hardware attachment.

A 2” Dual Core Baffle weighs 1.75 lbs per square foot, or 56 lbs for a 4’ x 8’ baffle. This translates to a safety ratio 2.34:1 per installation point, and an overall rating of 7.09:1.

Mounting Options

Non-corrosive metal eyelets are bonded to the hanging baffle core to provide easy attachment to a cable or chain.

Fabric Finishes for Acoustical Panels

Your acoustical panel finish choices are endless. Choose your own material, or here are some links provided to a few of our recommended textile manufactures for your fabric selection. Please note not all fabrics are suitable for premium acoustical performance.

Select a fabric from one of our manufacturers:

Guilford of Maine
Knoll Textiles
Luna Textiles
Carnegie Fabrics