Sonic Sound Block™ Panel

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Sonic Sound Block Panels are noise barrier wall panels manufactured specifically as a double duty acoustical panel that offers both superior sound absorption and noise blocking performance. These noise barrier wall panels are the solution to speech privacy problems, providing clients the confidence that confidential conversations will not be overheard.



  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Max Size up to 4' x 10'
  • Thickness 1-1/8" | 2-1/8"


  • 1 lb psf non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier
  • Two layers of 6-7# pcf rigid fiberglass board


  • Use with any custom, designer or C.O.M fabric
  • All finishes are reviewed for panel stability
  • Your finish selection bonded directly to panel face with all edges wrapped
  • Straight, flat, wrinkle-free surface
  • Tailored corners

Fire Rating

  • All components are ASTM E84—Class I/A


Acoustical Data

  • NRC Ratings:
    • 1 1/8” - .80 -.90
    • 2 1/8” - .90 -1.0
  • STC Rating (*Estimate)
    • 1 1/8” -  29*
    • 2 1/8” -  30*

Fabric Finishes for Acoustical Panels

Your acoustical panel finish choices are endless. Choose your own material, or here are some links provided to a few of our recommended textile manufacturers for your fabric selection. Please note not all fabrics are suitable for premium acoustical performance.

Select a fabric from one of our manufacturers:

Guilford of Maine
Knoll Textiles
Luna Textiles
Carnegie Fabrics