Artful Acoustics

Channel Your Inner Designer

Choose from Art Deco, Woodprint, or Oceanside designs to quickly and easily add drama and charm to your space. Our foolproof installation templates and hardware will be our little secret and the key to your success in creating a masterpiece and impressing guests.

Oceanside Acoustic

Achieve solitude with Oceanside, an eco-friendly, customizable acoustic panel set.

Quickly and easily transform your space into the haven you desire. Channel your inner designer to achieve an awe-inspiring and truly unique aesthetic that is as beautiful as it is effective at dampening sound to a breezy whisper.

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Beautiful, Earth conscious and acoustically beneficial,
the multi-dimensional, multi-sized panels can create dramatic and playful designs. Each set ships complete with 16 panels in 3 sizes and 2 thicknesses. Use the patterns shown to achieve movement and shadows.

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Eco-Friendly Finishes

Each panel is hand wrapped in Biodegradable Clean Impact Textiles® from trusted industry-leader, Guilford of Maine. Inspired by nature, choose from 3 textured, muted fabrics for a soft look and even softer sound.

Pebble Fabric

Earthy and dramatic. The textured ridges in Pebble trick the eye into seeing peaks and valleys of color. A contradiction of sorts, the cold color can help to warm a room, just like a pebble warming in the sun’s rays.

Sea Grass Fabric
Sea Grass

Sea Grass is a sensory marvel. Resembling lines in sand or natural, Sea grass fibers, panels wrapped in this fabric look to be blowing in the wind. The tan tone shifts from caramel to sand throughout the day in different lighting.

Dune Fabric

While Dune is perhaps the most unassuming offering, its richness cannot be overlooked. This beachy color will fit into most any space and complement varied décor from classic to modern and everything in between.


Manufactured without the use of formaldehyde and wrapped with 100% post-consumer recycled biodegradable fabric, Oceanside is a product you can feel good about.

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With an environmentally friendly core, Oceanside Acoustical Panels are specifically designed to meet California Section 01350 qualification for clean air emissions.


Each kit contains 16 panels and covers 32 square feet of wall space.

Qty: 8 (1” thick) 2 - 2’ x 2’; 2 - 1’ x 2’; 4 - 1’ x 1’

Qty: 8 (2” thick) 2 - 2’ x 2’; 2 - 1’ x 2’; 4 - 1’ x 1’


Sonic Eco Board 1’ & 2”

  • 6-7 lb. density rigid fiberglass board with no added formaldehyde
  • Resin-hardened edges


  • Eco-friendly, bleachable fabric
  • 3 standard colors - Pebble, Sea Grass and Dune (custom colors available)
  • Straight, flat, wrinkle-free surface
  • Square Edge:


Rotofast snap-on anchors (included in kit)

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Fire Rating

All components are ASTM E84—Class I/A