Leed Objectives

Lamvin, Inc. strives to be a leader in not only our own environmental efforts and contributions, but also to help our clients achieve the same objectives. We help our customers attain the LEED points and credits required for sustainable green buildings pioneered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Not only do our products help our customers achieve LEED objectives, but our manufacturing processes and materials go beyond the minimal requirements established by the USGBC.

A few of the methods we have implemented to help us become more responsible to our environment are:

  • Adhesives used in our manufacturing process have zero VOC’s emitting no harmful chemicals into the air
  • Our 57,000 sf manufacturing plant has been completely retrofitted with energy saving lighting with motion sensors
  • Our computer driven product manufacturing process optimizes all jobs for minimal waste, diverting that waste from our landfills
  • Our large format CAD driven waterjet machine used for custom and large production jobs allows for perfect accuracy, highest material yield and virtually no production errors, once again, diverting unnecessary waste from our landfills

Please contact us to discuss your LEED project and how we can help you achieve credits and points for your project.