Swatch-Match™ Panel

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The Sonic Swatch-Match Panel is available as a standard white acoustical panel or as a painted acoustical panel that’s designed to blend into room decor. It features an acoustically transparent textured or smooth paint finish that offers the traditional look of drywall or plaster and delivers exceptional sound absorption.



  • Max size up to 4' x 12' and 5' x 10'
  • Thickness 1 1/8" | 1 5/8" | 2 1/8"
  • Custom shapes and sizes available


  • 6-7 lb. density rigid fiberglass board
  • 1/8″ high density 10- 20 lb. fiberglass sheet for added strength


  • Coated with an acoustically transparent white paint. May be customized with a smooth or textured finish in a paint color of your choice
  • All finishes are reviewed for panel stability
  • Resin hardened edges
  • Straight, flat, wrinkle-free surface
  • Tailored corners

Fire Rating

  • All components are ASTM E84—Class I/A


Acoustical Data

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
1" Thickness 0.17 0.46 0.97 1.06 1.00 1.04 0.85
2" Thickness 0.36 0.86 1.09 1.04 0.97 0.95 1.00

Testing performed at an accredited acoustical laboratory within a controlled environment using specific fabric, sizes and mounting. Therefore, ratings may vary slightly depending on customers fabric choice and mounting configuration.

Paint Finishes for Swatch-Match

Our standard paint finishes are from Sherwin Williams.
We can also color match to any major paint brand as well, such as Dunn Edwards.

Sherwin Williams Colors Dunn Edwards Colors