Terms and Conditions of Sale


The prices in our quotation are based on information given to Lamvin at the time of the bid request and are for product only. Installations are to be provided by customer.

  1. Quote may change for various reasons: sizes, quantities, fabric changes, edge treatments (square, beveled etc.), mounting systems,type and thickness of substrate.
  2. Quote is based on rectangular shaped panels and 1/16 inch standard industry tolerances unless otherwise noted.
  3. Total square feet is determined by rounding up both panel width and height to the nearest 1/2 foot.
  4. Light and sheer type fabric, especially white, may require an acoustically transparent white mat to prevent bleed-through, at an additional cost.
  5. Lamvin will make every effort to keep to our customer's scheduled delivery date, but will not be held liable for damages caused by delays, plant backlog, and ordered material delays.
  6. Some fabric backing treatments may cause fabric instability (bubbling and/or de-lamination) and the loss of up to 25% of the NRC.
  7. Non-standard fabric may require a deposit of up to 50% before ordering fabric.
  8. Some fabrics, such as nylon, silk, wool and some backed fabrics, are not suitable for acoustical panels and may be rejected by Lamvin. In the event these fabrics are used we will not guarantee their performance. "Customers Own Material" fabrics are subject to Lamvin's approval.
  9. A combination of lighting conditions (direct lighting, wall washers, etc.) may cause a standard 7 lb. density core to look less than perfectly smooth. Note this condition before ordering panels.
  10. Recommendation: 1/8" 20 lb. density fiberglass face for wherever direct lighting occurs.
  11. Special packaging and splitting shipment will be at customer's expense. Shipment must be inspected for freight damage upon receipt of order.
  12. Shop drawings are not included in Lamvin's quote.
  13. The cost to Lamvin to activate a lien will be billed to customer.
  14. Payment of local or state taxes are the responsibility of purchaser and not included in Lamvin's quotations.
  15. Materials delivered and/or placed in storage, must be stored with protection from the weather, humidity and temperature variation (temperature of 60-85 degrees F and not more than 70 degree relative humidity), dirt, dust, or other contaminants. Installation of panels constitutes acceptance of product.
  16. Limited Warranty: 1 year warranty against workmanship defects.
  17. Some wallcoverings, when perforated, may appear to have a moire pattern. Lighting, positioning and depth of color can contribute to this effect.
  18. Individual line pricing is contingent upon purchasing all line items at the same time. Should this change pricing is subject to change.
  19. Panel testing is performed at an accredited acoustical laboratory within a controlled environment using specific fabric, sizes, & mounting. Therefore, ratings may vary slightly depending on customers’ custom panel choice.
  20. Shipping and Storage: Lamvin Freight policy is EXWORKS: Oceanside CA, 92056.  Storage Policy: $350 fee per crate per month will be assessed to the customer after 30 calendar days of invoice.



  1. Check the number of crates or cartons.
  2. Check for correct address on freight bills, crates and/or cartons.
  3. If there is damage on crates or cartons, or a shortage, you must have the truck driver make a damage or shortage report on all copies of freight bill at the time of delivery.
  4. If you discover concealed damage, you must call freight carrier within 5 (five) working days and request an inspection of damaged freight. Document this inspection in writing with freight company and forward a copy of report to Lamvin Inc., 4675 North Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92056. Telephone (800) 446-6329, Fax (760) 806-3200.
  5. Do not remove damaged crates or cartons from receiving area until after inspection has been completed. Save all packing, crating and cartons.
  6. Do not return damaged goods to Lamvin unless authorized to do so by Lamvin. Freight will be refused at your cost.
  8. When you receive merchandise, check that your order is complete and correct. Check Quantity. BEGINNING OF INSTALLATION MEANS ACCEPTANCE OF MERCHANDISE.
  9. Check for all accessories such as clips, Velcro, splines, molding, etc..

Methods of Payment

Lamvin is pleased to accept multiple methods of payment: Checks, Credit Cards, and ACH


Checks can be mailed to:
Dept LA 25240
Pasadena CA 91185-5240

Credit Cards

Link to our Secure Credit Card Portal:

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ACH Instructions

Bank | KeyBank National Association
Address | 127 Public Sq, Cleveland Ohio 44114
UPIC/ABA Routing | 021052053
Account Name | Sound Seal Inc. (Lamvin)
UPIC Account Number |  22129866
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