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    Sonic Design Form

sonic design form - diamond
Sonic Design Form Keystone


Our Most Versatile Sonic Design Form®. These panels offer an array of design possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a unique acoustical solution for the ceilings or walls – The Diamond combines the flexibility of a multitude of configurations and acoustical fabric options.

Sonic Design Diamond
sonic design form - diamond

Sonic Design Form® Diamond
Featuring Guilford – Fry 2100 – 746 Orange, 796 Mole Skin, 754 Light Moss


A Visual Stunner. Arch panels work well in any environment. Pair them with a natural fiber acoustical fabric for a more rustic vibe or create a pattern with pops of color for a modern feel. These panels will be the focal point of any room.

Sonic Design Form® Arch
Featuring Guilford – Jane 9085, 4030 Ultra Marine


Fun And Flexible. If you’re looking for a unique way to introduce texture to room, the Sonic Design Form® Plank provides a unique way to introduce texture to a room. You can combine these boards in different configurations and lay them out vertically or horizontally. These can be covered in acoustical fabric or wood veneer offering you endless design options.

Sonic Design Form® Plank
Featuring Guilford – Fry Lime 2100 – 721


Sleek And Refined. Sonic Design Form® Wedge is an ideal option for a clean and polished look. These boards are available in different sizes and configurations. Lay them out vertically or horizontally for added
design variations.

Sonic Design Form® Wedge
Featuring Guilford – FR701 Yellow 2100-744


Defined As The Most Important Part Of Anything. You will certainly feel that way when you see how the Sonic Design Form® Keystone enhances a room. This panel brings so many design options to the table. The unique shape works well with almost any acoustical fabric or wood veneer covering.

Sonic Design Form Keystone

Sonic Design Form® Keystone
Featuring Guilford – Palette Birch Bark 2155-1133

SONIC DESIGN FORM August 5, 2020


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