What is a Cloud Acoustical Panel?

Lamvin will help you to meet your design needs by using acoustical panels that are able to be mounted in various ways depending on your needs. Usually, wall-mounted acoustical panels can also be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling, kind of like a cloud.

Our Sonic Ceiling Clouds are designed to suspend horizontally from the ceiling to effectively reduce reflected sound. Perfect for large open areas, these hanging cloud panels are available in any custom shapes or sizes and offer a unique look, depth, or design to a ceiling—or they can simply blend in. The benefits of using the cloud mounting option is that it helps make the acoustical panels more efficient when absorbing sound.

By suspending acoustical panels, the sound is absorbed on the fabric-faced side first. Any sound that “flanks” around the edges of the panel and bounces off the ceiling can be absorbed by the back of the panel as well. By using acoustical panels in a cloud configuration can work better at absorbing low frequencies. Clouds can help capture those low frequencies and stop their reflection.

Lamvin’s Sonic Ceiling Clouds are highly customizable. Core consists of a 6-7 lb. density rigid fiberglass board with resin hardened edges to reinforce panel perimeter against warping and damage. Your chosen finish selection is bonded directly to the panel face with all edges wrapped carefully and completely to the back of the panel to ensure a straight, flat, wrinkle-free surface with tailored corners.

We offer them in a range of sizes and in 1″ and 2″ thicknesses. Also, with all the fabric options we have, you are guaranteed to find a color that will either blend in to your existing ceiling or stand out as part of a greater design. Sonic Ceiling Clouds offer the ability to hide ugly ceiling appendages: like duct-work and conduit. This allows you to create a more inviting, acoustically comfortable space.

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