Using Hush Tone Acoustical Paneling

Are you looking to tone down surrounding noise? Lamvin offers hush tone paneling. If you decide to keep a solid color throughout it gives you limitless design capabilities. Hush Tone Paneling is lightweight and semi-rigid, colorful, and can be cut and constructed into a multitude of possibilities.

It is both aesthetic and functional for your sound absorbing and designing needs. Environmentally friendly, lightweight, non-toxic, with a polyester core, and a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled material, this safe panel is suitable for all applications.

1/2″ Single Core Hush Tone:

Per independent ASTM D 1037-12 testing, Lamvin’s ½” Single Core Hush Tone panels withstand an average peak load of 178 lbs per installation point when U-Channel track is used for hanging baffle deployment.

A ½” Single Core Hush Tone panel weighs 0.72 lbs per square foot, or 23 lbs for a 4’ x 8’ baffle. This translates to a safety ratio 7.74:1 per point, and an overall rating of 23.22:1.

Size: 4 x 8 Custom sizes, shapes, and detailed cuts available

Contact us for more information about custom cut Hush Panels for your walls or ceilings.

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