Reducing Echo and Background Noise in Multipurpose Rooms

The purpose behind having a multipurpose room is to provide a space with premium quality acoustics no matter what the occasion is. Multipurpose room can be used to host many different types of events. Depending on the event there could be gatherings that range in size for a sporting event or even just a small meeting with donuts and coffee between co-workers. To have a successful event the guests need to enjoy the space the event is being held in. As a room fills with people, all the sound in the room will begin to reflect off the walls. As all this background noise starts to accumulate, the room begins to echo, and the speech intelligibly suffers.

Multipurpose rooms can be shaped and constructed in a variety of shapes and with an assortment of materials. Some may be more like a gymnasium with high rafter ceilings and cinder block walls. Some may be like fellowship halls and community centers with carpet or tile floors, drywall and T-bar ceilings. Noise that reflects off any hard surface is the number one culprit of poor acoustics. To limit the amount of hard, reflective surfaces, you must add sound absorptive materials.

Versatile wall and ceiling panels are the ideal solution for spaces with reverberant noise problems. It’s easy-to-install on walls or ceilings with your choice of mountings. It is available in a variety of standard sizes and finishes, or completely customizable for specific design applications. Contact Us for more information.

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