Maintaining Safety in an Industrial Workspace by Reducing Overall Noise

Sound absorbing panels will help reduce occupational exposure to high sound levels to create a productive and safe working environment. Noise is a huge concern in factories and industrial facilities. It can create hazards in the workplace and affect your health. Industrial Facilities often need to meet specific noise level requirements as outlined by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Regardless of meeting regulations, reducing noise is the right thing to do. It improves the safety and well-being for the workers. There are many options to explore when acoustically treating a factory, manufacturing plant or other industrial facility.

Soundproofing industrial noise often requires reducing sound levels in the open spaces. Factories and manufacturing planes need to address overall sound pressure within a room. Not all machinery can be completely enclosed. Lamvin ceiling panels or hanging baffles can be very effective in large room industrial applications. Hung from the ceiling, these sound absorbing materials are very effective in reducing sound. Their main function is to lower the reverberation and echo within a space. This prevents sound from amplifying back from the ceiling into the room. Lowering the reverberation time can contribute significantly to help reduce noise levels and sound pressure within a space.

Likewise, acoustical wall panels are another type of product that reduce sound reflections and prevent sound from amplifying in a room. Metal wall panels provide abuse resistance in harsh industrial conditions. Thick acoustic foam, glued to the walls around machinery, can also help lower noise levels. If you need sound absorbing panels that are moveable and wipe-able, consider Sound Absorption Panels.

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