Maintaining Proper Sound Control in an Auditorium

When preparing an auditorium to be able to maintain the proper sound control, the first thing to think about is the noise isolation factor, which is of great importance, and is ultimately the only way to minimize the “unwanted” sound.

The unwanted sound can hinder speech intelligibility and greatly reduce the ability for an audience to hear and understand what is being said. Auditoriums can be subject to a wide range of culprits, both from within and without the facility.

The most common way to reduce the echo between walls is by adding sound absorbing acoustical panels. Any area with large amounts of flat reflective space should receive treatment, most sound panels consist of a porous material that helps trap the sound.

To prevent sound from reflecting back into the room you should apply acoustic material to all stage areas, side walls, balcony faces and back walls. You might be wondering why the back wall? Well if there is no absorptive material on the back wall the music or other sounds will just reflect right back into the room, which will create a bad audience experience.

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