Looking to Reduce Noise using our Sonic Core Hanging Baffles

Lamvin offers a couple of great options for reducing ceiling sound in all types of environments. Our Sonic Core Single and Dual Hanging Baffles are an effective, economical acoustic treatment that suspends from the ceiling to increase speech intelligibility and sound clarity. Hanging acoustical baffles are made to complement the décor of any room both visually and acoustically with any finish or shape.

Our Sonic Single Core Hanging Baffles and our Sonic Dual Core Hanging Baffles are designed to hang vertically to reduce reverb and echoes in large open areas. This product is installed vertically, which gives it more exposure to sound and interrupts the path of the noise. Also, because of the increased surface area it can reduce reverberation.

Core is comprised of a 6-7 lb. density rigid fiberglass board secured to a hardwood mounting ridge Fiberglass and wood are covered with a thin scrim for consistency. Resin hardened edges reinforce panel perimeter against warping and damage. Your chosen finish selection is bonded directly to the baffle face with all edges wrapped carefully to avoid all seams.

A large variety of stylish finishes including fabrics and vinyls are available. See the “Finishes” page on Lamvin.com for a direct link to our recommended suppliers’ catalogs which include detailed images of an array of designs. Custom fabrics, paints, and printed fabrics are also options.

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