Lamvin is Pleased to Introduce Hushtone™ Polyester Products for Walls & Ceilings

Oceanside, CA. – November 5th, 2020- Lamvin, a manufacturer of premium acoustical products, is excited to announce the launch of Hushtone™, a complete line of polyester products for walls and ceilings.

Hushtone is a unique offering of acoustical products with impeccable acoustic absorption to cut down on reverberation in any space. Made of polyester acoustical felt, this versatile material can be manufactured into a variety of interior finishings for ceilings, walls, lighting and space division.

“We are thrilled to introduce Hushtone into the Lamvin portfolio of products,” said David Castellanos, General Manager of Lamvin. “This new offering provides a unique and contemporary aesthetic to round out our offering of creative interior solutions.”

By combining innovative design options with an extensive color palette, designers can incorporate unique and creative elements into any space while improving the sound quality. Manufactured with 55% post-consumer recycled content and a 100% recyclable material, Hushtone is a sustainable design solution. The material boasts an NRC rating of .75.


Throughout November, please join Ricardo Edmondson of LAMVIN, for a quick and informative webinar overview of the new Hushtone PET Polyester Acoustical Products. Click here To Register

About Lamvin
Founded in 1961, Lamvin is a leading manufacturer of quality, custom architectural acoustical products for walls and ceilings. We attribute our success to our innovative products, excellent lead times and our friendly and responsive customer service.

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