How to Use Fabric Colors to Add Calm to a Chaotic Environment

In every environment color has an important role to play – they affect our feelings from happy to sad and can make us feel anxious or relaxed. It’s important to understand the psychological effects colors can have on the average person, or the target audience. It is time to turn to neutrals when there is a need that calls for a calm experience.

Neutrals (black, gray, white, tan and brown) are basic to the designer’s tool kit.

The virtue of an all-neutral scheme lies in its flexibility:

  1. Add color to liven things up.
  2. Subtract it to calm things down.

Neutrals are the epitome of nature and are used abundantly in design to evoke a serene environment (so much so that many natural tones may go unnoticed).

Quick Color Associations

  • Pale browns for calm, purity and elegance
  • Medium browns to tan for subtlety or conservation
  • Darker browns for stability, comfort and experience

It’s always important to note that colors can be subjective – what might make one person feel cheerful can make another person feel irritated depending on the viewers’ past experiences or cultural differences.

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