Custom Shapes For Acoustical Panels & Baffles

When you think of acoustical panels, what comes to mind? “Colorful,” “unique,” “interesting?” Not really?

Well, acoustical panels and other sound dampening products no longer need to be boring. Through technology advances, we provide our customers with uniquely shaped panels that meet the desired design esthetics and the necessary sound dampening qualities required.

Our acoustical panels can be cut into specific shapes and covered with distinctive prints, colors, and designs. In many applications, these artfully designed acoustical panels become the centerpiece for the overall design creation, tying in room décor, furnishings, color and lighting. The result is a floor to ceiling integration of the design theme and esthetic, that can include custom designed wall and ceiling panels, hanging baffles, and even clouds.

If you would like to discuss incorporating your unique designs into efficient sound dampening acoustical panels, give us a call and allow us the opportunity to show you the vast possibilities.

Contact us for a quote or more information about custom acoustical wall panels and or acoustical ceiling panels.

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