Custom Capabilities in Large Acoustical Panels

Large acoustical panels can be done to complement the interior of the venue for absorbing sound for performances and conferences. It is best to have a company with the expertise to do this type of custom acoustical ceiling panels to make sure the acoustical panels are the quality needed for the best results.

Every interior is a possibility. Lamvin provides endless potential for you to design a customized acoustically sound environment. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind results can be obtained when combining custom sizes, shapes, finishes, and
graphics to your sound control needs whether it be wall panels, ceiling panels, ceiling clouds, or hanging baffles.

We specialize in unique acoustical treatments for your projects. Within our 57,000 square foot facility in Oceanside, California, Lamvin manufactures premium acoustical products to order. From basic panel options, to original, creative noise control solutions limited only by your imagination.

Our skilled team at Lamvin is committed to help you create any custom panel design utilizing our extensive factory capabilities. Lamvin makes sure that your architectural acoustic design options are endless.

Contact us today for a quote and more information on the many possibilities for your project.

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