Create an Artistic Look with Acoustical Wall Panels

Creating a beautiful atmosphere for your customers and employees is a nice touch to any business. The use of Acoustical Sonic Painted Art Panels also control noise in the working environment. In many studies word productivity is improved in a comfortable and quiet environment.

Sonic Printed Art Panels open up infinite possibilities for your creativity and imagination by providing acoustical performance and limitless design. The image can be printed as a singular panel or arrayed into multiple panels to cover larger surface areas. This panel is suitable for framing, further extending décor possibilities.

Perfect for artwork, logos, or any image requiring a high-resolution finish and acoustic absorption.

We can help you with a new look in your current business or if you buy a new business and you want to add your own style, while also adding acoustical panels in the office for sound control.

THICKNESS 1-1/8″ • 1-5/8″ • 2-1/8″
NRC 1″ – 0.90 • 2″ – 1.00

Contact Us for a quote, we can help you with your overall project and designs.

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