Controlling the Reverberating Sound in Your Restaurant Space

Are you looking to improve a noisy dining area and create a better environment and experience for your customers and employees? A restaurateur’s obligation is to their customer is a great dining experience. The dining atmosphere can negatively impact future business if it is too noisy, it can kind of make it uncomfortable environment.

As a restaurant manager or owner, you do not have time to study and become an acoustical expert. If you are looking for some direction on how to resolve your noise issue at minimal cost, you have come to the right place. Lamvin is here to help you provide a better experience for your patrons and help create a better work environment.

What Absorptive Product Should I Use?

We offer a variety of product choices that aid in absorbing sound and improving your customer’s dining experience. If the room is too reverberant, sound will bounce all around the room. One of our most popular products is our Sonic Standard Panel which is a versatile wall and ceiling panel that is an ideal solution for spaces with reverberant noise problems. It’s easy-to-install on walls or ceilings with your choice of mountings. It is available in a variety of standard sizes and finishes, or completely customizable for specific design applications.

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