Controlling Sound in Your Waiting Room

Noise control is more important than you think and very important when it comes to waiting room design solutions. Have you ever been sitting in a dentist office and heard the drill as someone was having their dental work done? Maybe a child screaming? Have you ever been sitting in the doctor’s office while being sick and having to listen to all the chatter, ringing phones that are just making you feel worse than you are?

Lamvin knows all about how noise in the wrong place at the wrong times can cause unnecessary problems. The last thing needed is more stress while waiting out in the waiting room to be seen for your appointment.

Most inquiries from dentist’s offices are about reducing noise in their waiting room. Often, they are concerned with the echo and reverberation within the waiting room. The background sound makes it hard to understand the conversation within the room. Consequently, people raised their voices to be heard, which only intensified the problem.

If you send us photos to give us an idea of what you must work with and what the layout is, we can have one of sales representatives get back to you with some ideas to best fit your needs.

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