Acoustic Fabric For Top-Quality Panels

At Lamvin, we always make sure we provide top-quality acoustical wall and ceiling panels by using top-quality textiles for our panels. When the acoustic performance of a space really matters, you don’t want to hobble sound-absorbing panels, walls and ceilings by choosing the wrong finishes. That would be a very costly mistake.

So, how do you know you are selecting the correct fabric to meet your needs. In a situation where acoustic performance is critical, a fabric’s job is not to absorb sound, but to let the products behind the fabric do their intended job and do their best work.

Fabric should never get in the way or reflect sound, before traveling to the absorbing product hidden behind it.  All surfaces in this environment, including fabric, should reflect sound waves to some extent. For acoustic applications, the least reflective products work the best as finishes.

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