PYRAMID DIFF– USERS – Interactive Series

The Lamvin Inc. Interactive Series includes Diffusers and Absorbers. This series of products is the ultimate combination of sound reflection and absorption. Diffusers feature a convex or pyramid shape with reflective surfaces to diffuse sound within a zone. Absorbers are designed to adjust the sound level of a room. Absorbers and diffusers are interchangeable.

Diffusers are ideal for venues such as theaters and auditoriums, which demand exquisite sound quality and enhanced acoustical performance. Barrel and pyramid diffusers disperse and blend sounds within a room, greatly reducing sound waves and echoes.  The pyramid shape uniquely radiates sound from its surface, providing a balanced distribution of reflective sound for a broad range of frequencies.

Thermo-formed 0.125″ co-polymer plastic.

Standard unfinished is a white lemon peel texture. Or customize with stylish
fabrics. See the “Finishes” page on for a direct link to our recommended suppliers catalogs which include detailed images of an array of designs. Custom fabrics and printed fabrics are also options. All finishes shall be reviewed for panel stability. Custom and other fabrics available.

Size:   2′ x 2′   and  4′ x 4′

Fire test:  All components are ASTM  E84 – Class I/A


Size Hz125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz4000 N.R.C.
4 x 4 0.36 0.26 0.13 0.06 0.03 0.01 0.10

Testing performed at an accredited acoustical laboratory within a controlled environment using specific fabric, sizes and mounting. Therefore, ratings may vary slightly depending on customers’ fabric choice and mounting configuration.


Mechanical “Z” clip (includes rail and Velcro)

Wall: Mechanical “Z” clip (includes rail and Velcro)

Ceiling: Designed for use with ceiling grid system or mechanical fasteners.


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