Ceiling Acoustical Panels

Controlling the Sound Levels in a Cafeteria

Controlling sound levels in a cafeteria helps turn what is usually a loud space into a quiet, comfortable multi-functional space for students and faculty.  The main function of a cafeteria is to provide an area to eat, but often it is also used for many other functions, such as assemblies, performances, and many other activities.  Most cafeterias consist of hard, reflective materials like painted concrete and tile flooring, which make them reverberant spaces.  With that kind of reverberation and echo it makes it hard to communicate and provides poor acoustics.

Adding Sound Baffles to the ceiling make for a great solution in helping to reduce the volume permeating throughout the room.  The surface of Sound Baffles is easy to clean, and the product is economical.  They also provide more surface area for sound absorption since they hang vertically.  By placing acoustical panels on the wall will also help absorb sound in the areas where the noise is being generated. Absorbing the initial sound with something like a fabric wrapped panel prevents the sound from reflecting throughout the rest of the room.

Improving the acoustics in a cafeteria provides students and teachers with a useful space for facilitating their goals. Contact Us for more information.


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